Integrate CompanyCam + HOVER

You must have an active account with CompanyCam and have a Membership Plan with HOVER in order to integrate the two platforms.

Follow these quick steps:

1. Log in at, hover over your user icon (upper left toolbar) and choose Integrations.

2. Click Directory at the top.

3. Click Integrate Next to HOVER.

4. Click Connect — this will automatically open HOVER.
(You may be prompted to log in to your HOVER account here.)

5. Click Allow.

6. After clicking Allow, you'll be taken back to CompanyCam automatically, and you will see this message: You're all set!

How to use the integration:

1. Always create your project first in HOVER.

2. Take photos in HOVER, submit for measurements.

3. When the Property Measurements are complete, the job will sync to CompanyCam as a new project.

4. When the Measurement PDF is ready in HOVER, it will sync to the correct project in CompanyCam under Documents.

5. Add any additional photos to this project to keep them all in one place by using the Search or Nearby Projects functions.

6. If Users have a difficult time remembering to not create a project you can turn off the ability to create projects.

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