Invite New Users using the Mobile App

Invite New Users from the Mobile App:

1. Tap Users & Groups at the top of the screen. *If you do not see this option, your user account does not have permissions needed to add users.

2. Select 'Invite New Users'

3. Choose 'Invite Single User' or 'Invite Users from Contacts'

Invite Single User: add the user's info and they will receive an email/text to complete their account setup.

Invite Users from Contacts: search/tap on any of your contacts from the list. Once you have selected everyone you'd like to invite, tap 'Send Invitations' button.

That's it! New users will receive an email/text with information on how they can accept the invitation and finish their account setup (including password).

Are you looking to invite new users from the computer? Click here to view the web app tutorial now!