How to Organize Photos Using Tags

CompanyCam automatically organizes photos by Project, but you may want to further organize the photos within a project, and the best way to do this is with Tags.

In CompanyCam you can create custom Tags, and you can assign unlimited tags to any photo.


Many software systems utilize folders to organize content. Folders allow you to visually put the pictures away, but with folders, you are forced to choose only one category for each photo.

Tags allow you to categorize your photos in multiple ways, making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.


When I open a project, I can see every photo taken at this project, nothing is hidden. I can scroll down and see every photo.

I can click 'Filter' to quickly see photos from a specific date. (I can also filter by date range and/or by user.)

I can see ONLY the Installation photos at this project when I choose: Filter > Tag > Installation

Now I am looking for the photos that 'Need Finished'. I can choose: Filter > Tag > Needs Finished. Here I am seeing every photo that 'Needs Finished' even though these same photos were also categorized as 'Installation' (or any other Tags).


By using Tags, one photo can have unlimited categories! 

The alternative of using folders only allows you to organize that photo under one category, and it hides your photos from a complete project feed.