Integrate CompanyCam + GiddyUp

Instantly sync projects and photos between your CompanyCam and GiddyUp accounts.

You must have an active account with both CompanyCam andGiddyUp in order to integrate the two services. 

  1. Go to your Setup page in GiddyUp. Click on Integration under General on the left side. 
2. Click on CompanyCam logo.
3. Click the AUTHORIZE button. 
4. Sign in to your CompanyCam account.
5. Select Authorize.
6. Click SAVE & CLOSE.

Things to Know

To make the integration work smoothly there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind:

  1. Opportunities in GiddyUp will sync to CompanyCam, but not the other way around. Opportunities that you create in GiddyUp will instantly sync to CompanyCam, but projects that you create in CompanyCam will not sync back to GiddyUp.
  2. Photos will sync from CompanyCam to GiddyUp, but not the other way around. The photos your company takes in CompanyCam will instantly be available in GiddyUp, but photos that you take or upload in GiddyUp will not sync to CompanyCam.
  3. Photos will only sync to GiddyUp if the user login from your CompanyCam account matches the login in GiddyUp. What this basically means is that for your CompanyCam photos to appear in GiddyUp, the user must exist in both systems with the same email address.
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