Using Tags in the Mobile App

Note: You need to have the proper permissions to create tags. If you do not have the option to create tags have an Admin create them so they're available for future use.

How to Create Tags:

  1. When taking a new photo tap the tag icon in the upper right corner to create a tag before you start taking photos
  2. When editing a photo, tap the tag icon in the lower left to create a tag
  3. Type in the name of the new tag you wish to create 

How to Apply Tags:

Applying Tags to One Photo at a Time:

1. When taking the photo— tap the tag icon in the upper right after you snap the photo (before you save the photo)

2. Tap to open any saved photo —  tap Tag at the bottom and select a tag

Applying Tags Automatically to Multiple Photos as they are taken in a session:

1. Before you take a photo tap the tag icon in the upper right.

2. Select the tag or tags that you would like to be applied to each photo in this session and tap Save

3. Take as many photos as you need and then select Save.

Applying Tags to Multiple Photos that have already been taken:

This currently isn't available in the Mobile app, but you can apply tags to multiple photos using the web app.

Filtering your Photos Using Tags:

Filter Photos within a Project:

1. Tap on the Project

2. Tap Filter Button and choose Tags

3. Select the T ags that you'd like to see

Filter ALL Photos in your CompanyCam Account:

1. Tap Project Feed

2. Choose Company Photos

3. Tap the Filter Button and choose Tags that you want the project feed to be filtered by

Removing Tags from your Photos

1. Tap the photo with the tag you'd like to remove.

2. Tap the tag icon in the lower left of your screen.

3. Tap the X next to any tags applied to the photo that you'd like to remove.

4. Tap Save in the upper right corner to apply the changes.

Have a photo that you don't want in your project or were added by mistake? Check out how to delete photos through the app