Save Each Photo as Its Taken to Your Camera Roll

We'll keep your photos safe and sound so that you do not need to store them on your device, but we know everyone likes options! If you'd like to save every photo to your Camera Roll as well as in CompanyCam— here's how:

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Before you start

  • This feature is user specific and only affects your device. If you want other's in your company to use this feature make sure they turn this on.

In the app

  1. Tap your user icon at the bottom right, then tap the gear icon in the upper right to access your settings 
  2. Tap Camera
  3. Tap to turn on, Save Images to Device.

Note: Every photo will save to your camera roll that is taken in CompanyCam until this is disabled.

Don't want to save every photo you take in your camera roll except a select few? Check out our help guide on how to save photos!

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